‘Body modifications like tattoos, piercings, implants, make-up is an antique necessity. Besides the socially accepted manipulations there are many ways of altering your body: deliberately inflicted scars, burn marks, implants, plastic surgery or silhouette changes. Body Art shows that every ornamented person, using the body as a canvas, no matter how extreme, is expressing his or her identity. Everyone has the need to do that in a way or another.’

The Zombie – Tattoos – Piercing – Tongue Splitting – Amsterdam, NL

Kevin Matthews – Extreme body modification – Tattoo – Piercing – Eyes ball tattoo – Implants. USA


Morgin Riley, Las Vegas, USAPhoto Giovanni PiescoNate Cross, Lisburn, IrelandPhoto Giovanni PiescoEnzo Gramaglia, Torino ItalyPhoto Giovanni PiescoBruno Fossepre, Wanze, BelgiumPhoto Giovanni PiescoJerome Blacklink, Geneva, SwitzelandPhoto Giovanni Piesco

Armand, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

© Photo Giovanni PiescoJaded Moon, Las Vegas, USA

jaded moon, photo g.piescoAndy B. Ardaseer, IndonesiaAndy Ardasser, photo g.piescoLoïc Blindesign, Geneva, SwitzerlandLoïc-Blindesign, photo g.piesco

Tattoo Convention Amsterdam 2015


Tattoo convention Amsterdam Beurs van Berlage 1993 and more.