Some years following the development in Amsterdam of the ‘Magpie Dance Company‘ founded in 1995 by Katie Duck, muse of the improvisation in dance. 

Experimental dance work is fragile and so trying to describe it’s process is like trying to rationalize coincidence.
When the playing is over the piece is invisible to the eye and lives only in the memories of the few whom saw it.
Some of the text and visual material has survived. Survival is key to my process.
The combination of moving, seeing, hearing, feeling and deliberately volunteering to expose myself in front of an audience alters my percepion of time, space and emotions. What I do for a living is a kind of induced neuron madness.”

Katie Duck

Impro dance © Giovanni Piesco
Tristan Honsinger, Katie Duck, Sean Bergin. This, that & the other, Bimhuis, Amsterdam 1996.